Rental Housing Inspection Program

About the Rental Housing Inspection Ordinance:  View Rental Housing Ordinance.
Adopted in December 2008, this provides a more regulated approach to ensuring safe rental properties within unincorporated Sacramento County.
The County's Housing Code Enforcement Program required rental property owners to properly maintain rental units and inspections if complaints were received. However, the process did not adequately deal with the increasing number of deteriorating properties: many tenants are afraid to report sub-standard conditions, and the foreclosure crisis caused more properties to become vacant and vandalized, adding to neighborhood blight.
This new ordinance differs from other ordinances because it allows owners and/or agents of rental properties to become certified to self-inspect their properties. It concentrates on owner/tenant education and provides mandated inspections that will assure quality housing for all rental tenants. 

Rental Housing Inspection Program, Registration Packet Recipients

Sacramento County Code Enforcement sent over 31,000 registration packets to property owners in the unincorporated County area in 2009. In response, Code Enforcement received many phone calls requesting additional information.
  • If you believe you received this mailing in error because your property is not a rental property, please print out a Correction to Rental Billing form and return to the Consolidated Utilities Billing and Service at 9700 Goethe Road, Suite C, Sacramento CA 95827.
  • You do not need to submit any fees with your application. The Rental Housing Code Compliance (RHCC) fee is attached annually to your first utility bill of the year from the Sacramento County Consolidated Utilities Billing and Service Department.
  • The interior and exterior checklists are to be completed once a year and prior to any new tenancy. You are to keep it for your records and future auditing by Code Enforcement. Do not send this to Code Enforcement.
  • Rental units subject to inspection by other governmental agencies may be exempt from inspection by the Rental Housing Inspection Program. If you believe your rental unit is exempt, please complete the Registration Form and Application for Exemption Waiver Form, including the reason for exemption. Please return it to Sacramento County, Rental Housing Inspection Program, Code Enforcement Division, PO Box 276950, Sacramento, California, 95827. Please be advised that you are still required to register with the program.

If you have other questions regarding the Rental Housing Inspection program, please contact the program at 916-876-9020. Please be aware we are receiving a high volume of calls. It is our intent to respond to these calls within 72 hours. 

Ordinance Goal:

The success of the program will be evaluated on the quality of life for tenants in unincorporated Sacramento County. Through education, training and the housing program, we anticipate a decrease in housing code violations. We will make changes as we go and will work with our partners to make this program a success \
Enforcement of the Ordinance:
Self-Inspection Certification Training Course:
Visit the Rental Housing Association website for complete information.
Questions about Rental Housing and Fees?
For more information about the program, call 916-874-6444 or e-mail, or visit Rental Housing FEE webpage. For information about fees, call 916-875-5555.
Rental Housing Registration:  Online Automated Permit System
Rental Housing Registration Forms:

Sacramento County Fair Housing Resources

Tenants and landlords seeking help with disputes, legal advice or other housing related information and regulations can find helpful resources at Sacramento County’s Fair Housing web portal. Fair Housing laws include the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords, and also prohibit certain forms of discrimination in the sale and rental of housing.

Our Partners:
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