Is Storing Unregistered or Inoperable Vehicles Permitted? 

No. It is unlawful to park or store, or permit others to park or store, automotive vehicles or trailers without current registration or in an inoperable condition on any lot in any residential, interim residential, interim estate, recreation, agricultural, interim agricultural, or agricultural residential zone unless they are stored in a fully enclosed building.

Storage of up to two vehicles “may” be allowed outside of a fully enclosed building, if the all of the following conditions are met:
  1. The parcel size is 10,000 square feet, or larger, for the first vehicle and that 5,000 additional square feet is provided for the second vehicle.
  2. Vehicles are the legal property of the same person/family who resides in the on-site dwelling.
  3. Vehicles shall not be stored in the front yard or side-street yard.
  4. Vehicles shall be stored behind a 6 foot high solid wood fence and not be visible from any public street.
    (See Section 330-12 & 301-04.7 of the Zoning Code)

Is Yard Parking Permitted?

No. In residential zones, vehicles cannot be parked on the grassy or unsurfaced area of your front or side-street yard. When adding additional surfaced parking in the front or side street yard of your residence, the following requirements must be met:  

  1. For residential parcels that are less than 15,000 square feet in size, the surfacing must consist of asphalt, concrete, grouted continuous brick or cobblestone.
  2. For residential parcels that are 15,000 square feet in size or greater, the surfacing must be kept in a dust free condition. Dust free surfacing must consist of, at a minimum, gravel, turfstone, chipseal, paving stones or silicon coating.

In addition, the total parking area in the front or side street yard is limited to no more than the greater of the following:

    1. 40% of the required front or side street yard area;
    2. or the paved area leading directly to a carport or enclosed garage;
    3. or 400 square feet.
      (See Section 301-04.8 of the Zoning Code)

Is Parking Work Vehicles at Home Permitted?

No. Motor vehicles and equipment used for, or designed primarily for, commercial, industrial or agricultural purposes with a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating of ten thousand pounds or more, and trailers used for, or designed primarily for, commercial, industrial or agricultural purposes, cannot be parked or stored on any agricultural-residential, residential or interim residential zoned property except when loading, unloading, or rendering service. 
(See Section 301-03 of the Zoning Code)

Is it Legal to Live in Recreational Vehicles?

No. The residential land use zoning codes do not allow for anyone to occupy a recreational vehicle on residential property.